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Dog Spinner- Puppy brain time/Basic nose work

Please Note: for the video’s below the bone has been taken out as at this stage that is too frustrating for the pups and they lose interest.
Flower Power doing some nosework for liver sprinkles 
Kona ( approx 10 weeks old) demonstrating this a little better as this will allow you to see more.

Never underestimate the the important of mental stimulation for your dogs, especially for your pups. Mental Stimulation goes a long way to preventing behavioural problems in pups and dogs due to boredom. Pups who are bored often become hyperactive and distracted which can manifest into unwanted behaviours like not listening, running around, chewing, barking and digging. Puzzle games or what I like to refer to as basic nose work games, such as those above is a great way to train your pup on focusing on a one activity at a time. It is also a great way of spending quality time with your pup together developing the bond in a fun and easy environment.

Toys such as the one above is great place for little pups to start out with puzzle games  and then they progress to more advanced nose work games. If you don’t have access to to these types of toys, which I can understand, as some people not wanting to spend the money on for one pup/dog who just gets it first and loses interest quite quickly (least we can reuse over and over in each litter) then nose work games can be as simple as the “which hand game” (put food in one hand and get the pup to sniff out when he/she gets excited about one hand open and hopefully he/she has chosen the treat and gets the jackpot if not a smaller reward such as ordinary kibble is good to keep them trying, plus lots of  praise either way) then as u progress you can hide food around a room, in a certain fenced of section of the backyard etc and then once they get really good you could advance to hide and seek (you hide they seek).

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Puppy Proofing Checklist

Puppy proofing your home will be a constant work in progress. Your puppy will be excited to be in his/her new home and will explore every nook and cranny. We mean every nook and cranny! 
This natural curiosity, mold’s a dog’s unique personality.  It can also put them in harm’s way and cost you a fortune in vet bills.

Whether exploring, hungry or teething, absolutely everything goes in their mouth.They consider anything within their reach, theirs for the taking, eating or chewing.

Floor level is their level.

Make sure you know where your pup is at all times. A quite puppy is a puppy up to no good 😊.We will take you from room to room, educating you on things that present potential dangers to your puppy’s physical well-being.


  • Problem:  Contents of cabinets, drawers and cupboards. This list includes but not limited to chemicals both poison and standard cleaning items, e.g sponges, steel wool, brushes, food (including their own), medications, plastic bags,foil/cling wrap, matches, batteries, cooking string, plastic ties, junk,bibs and bobs etc.
  • Solution:  Attach a child proof latch or if you have knobs, a rubber band figure eight style will suffice as long as the pup can’t reach it. 
  • Problem:  Power boards, extension cords or power safety plugs.
  • Solution:  If you can’t secure safely behind cupboards or even fences, block them. This can be done by running electrical cords through thin PVC pipe to secure ones.They must not be kept in plain sight.
  • Problem:  Lino, carpet strips or mats.
  • Solution:  Make sure all lino is stuck to the floor.  Don’t leave corners flipped up,as that is begging for your puppy to accept the challenge to pull it up.This includes the transition strips or mats that are used between your rooms,especially if carpet is worn or not finished off and with loose carpet threads. 
  • Problem:  Garbage, rubbish bins internally/externally.
  • Solution:  Get rid of any tempting smells, food or otherwise, from garbage or rubbish bins. The garbage might smell gross to you, for a puppy, that’s the smell of heaven. Where there is a smell or will, there will be a way! Keep a secure lid on all garbage cans or put them behind a cabinet or door.
  • Handy Hint: Consider putting your pet outside or in its crate while performing household cleaning; you may leave the room for one minute and the next thing you know your puppy is bathing/playing in pine-o-clean.
  • Handy Hint: Consider installing a safety gate to keep pets out of the kitchen while cooking as Tenties are well known for getting around your feet when cooking and this can be dangerous for you and your pup.


**Be extra vigilant in your puppy proofing here. Why you may ask? **

Well, this is where you and your family, including your new puppy (providing it is allowed inside), will potentially spend the most of your time;and therefore when you’re out of the house for extended periods of time, your puppy may try anything to get to this room, as it will be the most familiar to them (making them feel protected whilst you’re out) and has your smells all over it.

  • Know which houseplants are toxic and relocate them to somewhere the pup doesn’t have any access to or it is best to replace them with nontoxic varieties and give your toxic ones away to a neighbor who doesn’t have dogs. (check for toxic plants here you would be surprised at just how many common plants inside and out can cause problems for your dogs) https://www.burkesbackyard.com.au/fact-sheets/pets/pets-pet-care-native-animals/poisonous-plants-for-pets-2/ http://www.australiandoglover.com/2015/09/common-plants-toxic-to-your-dog.html  however please note these list maybe in complete as comprehensive lists are still being compiled and therefore its best to replace with nontoxic varieties to be safe. As a side note re-think your dried or even plastic floral arrangements as well although these may not be as dangerous, per say (as plastic flowers can get stuck going down a puppy throat)they may very well shred them to pieces. 
  • Purchase or use an old box/basket e.g washing basket to specifically hold all your puppy toys this makes it easy to clean up fast you could even teach them via a game to put them back when cleaning.
  • Relocate or move to a higher area the items below:
    -Storage baskets, bags or totes containing items not intended for puppy.
    -Craft supplies, books especially leather bound and magazines, kid’s toys and shoes.
    -Cushions, Blankets and Shaggy mats tempt a curious teething puppy.
    -Remote controls, mobile phones, iPod, iPad, laptops, DVDs and CDs.
    -Ensure that couches,speakers, ottomans and coffee tables, that have the potential to be used as launching pads to get to higher areas, are also sensibly located.
    -Tissue boxes,serviettes or paper towels.
    -Prescription glasses or sunglasses.
  • Never leave your food unattended.If you eat in the lounge room, please be aware, if you must leave your food for any reason (e.g phone call, knock at the door, distracted by the kids), remember “dogs love human food”. Leaving something within reach, and you can pretty much guarantee it won’t be there when you come back.
  • Your puppy’s exposure to people food should be very limited. Seemingly innocuous foods like avocado, grapes, onions, and garlic can be deadly for dogs.What you find delicious could be dangerously delicious to your puppy. Food like chocolate or grapes should be stored where your puppy can’t access them.

**I haven’t put this note in kitchen because people tend to think about it when preparing food, but not when they are eating, distracted, in other rooms of the house especially, teenagers in their rooms, or toddlers within licking distance of your puppy.**


  • Block off doors and stairs in these areas. Why you may ask? 
    When your puppy first experiences you and your family arriving home (and probably for the rest of its life, if not taught not to) will want to run to or around you, jump and try and get to you as soon as they hear you arrive home. Plan the safest route for you and your puppy to meet each other.Allowing your puppy to meet you at the front door leaves you open to escaping puppies.
  • Closing off stairwells with a baby gate, is easiest until your puppy is confident in using them. We teach your puppy our stairs, but every set of stairs is different and have different surfaces.
  • Never leave anything at the front door, as you walk in.Keep purses, bags and shoes out of reach.Purses tend to be filled with medications, keys, coins, hair ties,makeup, gum (containing Xylitol which is poisonous for dogs), sanitary products; all of which are potentially dangerous to puppies. Puppies have a thing for leather and by taking off your shoes and dumping your bag at the front door, you’re essentially giving your puppy the okay to, have it.

Remember:  Floor level is their level.


  • Relocate any clothing, shoes, slippers, (undies and socks are a favorite) from the floor into your wardrobe, cupboard or tall closed laundry baskets. Dogs are scent-oriented, so they gravitate toward anything that smells like you. Anything left on the floor will quickly become toys.
  • Watch bedside tables for small ingestable items previously mentioned jewellery/watches, hair ties, coins, medicines, creams, remotes,phones, laptops, tissues, make-up, sanitary products and secure exposed cords or wires, dentures/mouth guards/ removable bite splints & bite plates.  


  • The biggest one here, besides all the above toiletry items is toilet rolls.
  • Store toilet paper and tissues as high as possible.
  • Toilet lid must always be down, especially if you have hanging smelling/cleaning devices in your bowl. 
  • Relocate toilet brush to a higher shelf or inside a cupboard.
  • Make a rule to keep your bathroom door closed at all times.
  • Safety latches or locking cabinets are essential, especially on rubbish bins, as there are huge hazards in your bathroom bins, like razors, q-tips,cotton balls, make-up pads, soap, tampons, make-up containers etc.
  • Please understand child-proof does not mean puppy-proof;medication bottles can easily be chewed open, as can first aid antiseptics bottles etc.


  • Be vigilant and remove office stationery from the floor.
  • Remove all staples, paperclips, drawing pins, papers, magazines,computer wires and rubber bands from the floor immediately.
  • Relocate chairs, low cabinets or coffee tables away from working areas, as they can be used to jump up to your laptop, mouse, iphone/ipad/ipod or charger cords.


  • Close washer and dryer doors when not in use.
  • Make sure the dog cannot get behind the washer or dryer and get stuck.
  • Store bleach and other laundry chemicals in secure cabinets.
  • Use a strong, sturdy laundry basket with a lock in lid.


  • When you look around your garage, shed and yard, you’ll see many obvious and not-so-obvious dangers to your puppy.
  • Remove and store the following items inside a locked cabinet or store on high shelves: –  paint,cleaners, insecticides, rat and rodent poison, snail poison, fertilizers,petrol, metho and other cleaner fluids. These represent a handful of poisons and chemicals that you may have in your garage or outdoor shed.
  • Small DIY parts such as nails, screws, and washers. Whipper snipper lines. Matches for BBQ.
  • If you have a pool, it should be completely fenced, however just watch that your new little puppy can’t squeeze under or through some pool fencing. Please note, not all dogs can and will swim and many dogs don’t even really like water. Puppies can and will drown in large areas of water without supervision. Keep pool chemicals locked away safely. Make sure your perimeter fencing is safe, strong and secure with no nails sticking out. If you have any questions about types of fencing, please don’t hesitate to talk to your breeder.
  •  Be wary of trees growing close to perimeter fencing. Your dog/pup may climb up easily and jump over.
  • Overgrown areas should be cleared.If spraying your weeds with chemicals, please read and follow directions carefully on the label for the safety of yourself and your pup/dog. Natural alternatives are best here in puppy/dog areas.Educate yourself about the plants and weeds in your garden.  As stated previously regarding indoor plants,there are a lot of outdoor plants and weeds that could be potentially harmful to your dog, causing varied reactions, ranging from a rash to vomiting, diarrhoea. Some plants, seeds, weeds when ingested can even lead to death.
  • Be wary about snakes!! They do live in suburbia check with your local snake wrangler regarding any snake nests in the area. Tenties love to hunt and therefore it is always helpful to know, if your pup decides to go on a hunt, what sort of dangerous animal they are likely to find. Snakes love overgrown areas.
  • Plastic drain covers can be easily removed by a puppy.  Place something heavy over drain covers, to prevent your puppy from removing it and falling in.
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Barrier challenge day

Barrier Challenges are all about learning and problem solving and although you may look at this and say that’s not that hard it is important that when we are formal training the pups that the pups experience the following things: Although we want the exercises to be challenging we want to set the pups up for success. In this exercise we want the pups to think for themselves and learn that their whinging doesn’t get them what they want (in this insance me, lifting them out of the pen) As the reward/incentive, I’m purely using myself outside their pen, as they have spent the whole morning watching me and the adult dogs cleaning and playing around the outside of the pen and they want to know what all the fuss is about and why they haven’t been allowed out.

However although they want out of their pen to me this first experience by themselves comes with fear, self doubt and frustration (you can see this in Desi actions at the end) about the task. This task however can be very empowering and bring confidence and competency in future adventures.

One important factor when teaching your puppy any challenge is never leave the puppy in the middle of the challenge as this can stress the puppy out and reverse the above positive experiences. Word of warning don’t give in, as puppies are really good at making you feel sorry for them (however always keep in mind, as above, always create a challenge that you know they can succeed at without your interference). Awesome work flower power kids.❤️

Yes we can! (Unmute for sound)
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Wobble Board

The wobble board was added to the pen about a week ago now and the flower power crew seem to be using it more and more everyday. Some of you have probably seen something similar to this in a physiotherapist office as it often used for weight-bearing therapy and muscle strengthening rehab. 

We use the wobble in the pen for similar training but for the puppies its more about them learning to hone their multi-directional balance skills and improve body awareness. At this stage we just want the puppies to get use to seeing it and using it when they want. It currently has carpet under it to soften the changes in board when it moves. Once the puppies are use to it we will remove the carpet for ultimate movement and startle recovery exercises.

So the next question you may be asking is all of the above sounds great but why specifically would I want this for my puppy. The main reason we have incorporated the wobble board into our puppy program is for confidence, a confident puppy is more happy, well adjusted, puppy. Also “Most of us think of dogs as being very agile.  And although this is true, most dogs have very little hind limb awareness.  Basically, their hind end moves along because their front end went first!  Teaching our puppies to have better hind limb awareness can greatly decrease their risk of injuries to their back legs” https://www.fullcirclevet.ca/canine-body-awareness/.

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Progress Report for the Flower Power Kids

Firstly we would like to apolgise for those people watching the website, last week was a very busy week and unfortunately we hadn’t gotten to update the website,  quick posts on the Facebook was done on the fly but we know everyone doesn’t have access to Facebook so lets do a little progress report on the Flower power kids. Eyes are open and moving round the pen well now. Mum has started to wean them (meaning they are looking for food). Prim has always been a awesome mum at knowing when it is time and showing us this by leaving the pen more and more. So the pups have moved onto food quite easily with mum still topping them up with milk when they need it. 

Willow (she doesn’t really like photos unless she can get close, haha)
Loving mum’s milk

Last week we started introducing different experiences into the pups day. This was  in the form of a walk on different surfaces (carpet, lino, tiles etc), carrying the pups around the house, exploring different rooms (our kids love helping with this one) and lapping liquids (which wasn’t as successful as I would have liked but we will get there). Also we add one new item a day, to the pen, this could be anything from a new toy to new random items, some of these items were a radio or pig statue or in the case of the following video a kids toy. 

One new thing a day

The pups have also started sound protocols which consist of : Some lovely back ground classical music for part of the day and startle recovery exercises. Startle recovery exercises are not designed to scare puppies but are noises that would happen in everyday life and are designed to startle the puppy (this is seen by a jerk) but then the pup should pretty quickly if not immediately go back to what its doing. Obviously every pup is different and every recovery is monitored, but the munchkins are doing pretty well . The video below is of a cake tin being dropped outside their pen.

Startle response
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New Puppy Pics

Enjoy some new cute puppy pics, we are so close to having eyes open but I thought we would do one more little shoot before seeing those baby blues.

Gypsy Left, Willow Right 
From bottom to top- Willow, Desi, Gypsy, Cosmo (upside down)
Cosmo underneath, Desi on top, Gypsy beside and Willow hiding underneath
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So the group has been named “Flower Power”

Due to the fact this will be Primmy’s last litter we decided to dedicate it to her. Hence the “Flower Power” group. Now we know that’s a little girly for our only boy but we think he is man enough to own it!

Some people may think it’s strange for us to name our pups as ultimately they may change once they go to their new fur homes and isn’t it a sign that we are getting too attached? My stance on this is, they are Alaula’s babies first, we put our heart and soul into raising them for the first 10 weeks of their lives, which is considered to be the most critical time, we want them to feel comfortable with us, that’s how we raise good temperament and socially accepting puppies, but we are also fully capable of saying goodbye especially when we know they are going to wonderful homes (and they are little terrors after 12 weeks, just joking) . We do our bit to give you the best puppies we can. Changing the name of a puppy when they reach their furever home is also quite simple and they take to a new name without much fuss. So with no further ado we have the following :

Girl long tail (black) – Gypsie Rose aka Gypsie
Girl long tail (white) – Desert Rose aka Desie
Girl 3 nbt – Willow Rose aka Willow
Boy nbt – Kool Cosmos aka Cosmo

So obviously the “Rose” in the girls comes from our beautiful Primrose and the “Kool” in the boy comes from our main man Koolaroo. Welcome to Flower power kids.

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Hooray for Primmy! We have broken the drought!

Alaula Tenterfield Terriers welcomed Atenta Primrose aka Primmy and Aaungara Koolaroo aka. Mouse newest litter this morning. Prim started showing signs of getting ready to whelp late last night and started delivering between 9am-10am this morning. Prim gave birth, firstly to a beautiful nbt (natural bob tail) boy. Peter and I, then held our breathe as the second pup arrived about a an hour later with Alaula’s first long tail girl, hip, hip,hooray our girl drought was over. Prim soon followed up with another two gorgeous sisters, another long tail and just for variety, a heavenly nbt.

All puppies were good weights and she delivered well, with no real complications. There are more pics and videos on our facebook page of the whole experience however for those who are following our webpage here are a couple tasters for you. Don’t worry more photos will follow.

Mum resting and pups drinking after a big morning
Just a quick shot whilst mum has a very quick toilet break.
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Food Glorious Food……

It is just mind boggling the amount of information out there these days about dog food. Today’s blog I’m going to focus on what’s available, how to choose your food and some interesting facts that you may not know about feeding dogs in general. So firstly, lets discuss some pros and cons of dog food. The most common types are as follows:

• Sky’s the limit when it comes to variety
• You are in control of what your dog eats
• Dogs usually enjoy the taste better than commercial foods
• Ingredients are normally minimally processed and fresh
• All the above, can contribute to marked health improvements in your dog
• It can be easy to neglect certain necessary ingredients resulting in nutritional deficiencies
• Special attention is needed for a “complete and balanced” meal and supplements are often needed.
• Takes longer to prepare
• Can potentially be more costly

Continue reading “Food Glorious Food……”
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Primrose & Mouse October 2018

Not long to go now we are on the home stretch days away from puppies again in the house.

Looking a bit bigger there Primmy
There are some extra skeletons there approx 4.
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